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Vermont’s Blue Stone is an exclusive natural stone product from Jeffersonville Quarry.   Locally owned and operated by a 5th generation Vermont family for more than a decade Jeffersonville Quarry is located in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont.  We take pride in the durability and quality of our stone, also know as, Vermont’s Blue Stone.

Vermont's Mt. Mansfield
Vermont’s Mt. Mansfield in the distance. Otherwise known as “The view out our front window.”   I never do get tired of it.

Vermont’s Blue Stone is a clay based schist, and it comes  in hues of blue, grey, green and silver with sparkles of garnet and quartzite throughout.  It’s an easy to split and shape stone that would be a breathtaking addition to any project  that you have planned.  If your wish is to have the dramatic effect of using real stone then Jeffersonville Quarry is where you’ll find your most beautiful option.

Yes, we are fully permitted, and our stone has DOT approval.

Vermont's Blue Stone Quarry
Vermont’s Blue Stone Quarry…Jeffersonville Quarry

Jeffersonville Quarry is fully permitted for the next 25+ years which enables us  to offer you Vermont’s Blue Stone for years to come.  We’re not just about flat stone either.  We  offer many types of aggregate such as type 1-4″ rip-rap, 3-12″ erosion stone and 3″ minus stay mat….just to name a few.


We also offer large boulders, accent stones, steps, cap stones, slabs and veneer.

Your project is only limited by your imagination

Vermont's Blue Stone
Our son posing under Thea Alvin’s stone arch in Montpelier, Vermont. Her work is incredible. Learn more about Thea here:

As you scroll through the website you’ll see Jeffersonville Stone being used in various  applications.  It may even give you ideas for your own project.  Your design is only limited by your imagination.  We look at our stone as if it were an artists’ medium putting forth an old world feel that is sorely lacking in todays architecture.  Only real stone can do this, and Vermont’s Blue Stone is the perfect stone for the job.

If you have any questions please use the contact form or email us directly.  We’d love to hear from you!



Free standing flush front wall
Free Standing Flush front wall, or in this case flower bed. Makes for a stunning focal piece.

Well built stone walls & patios can significantly increase your day-to-day enjoyment and raise the property value of your home.

Walls and Patios built with our clay based sedimentary stone is not only beautiful with it’s garnet sparkles and blue, grey silver hues, but is also durable and resilient to the weather.  Large irregular pieces give a natural old world feel to any installation you could dream up.

Jeffersonville Blue stone will stand the test of time, and will look breathtakingly beautiful the whole way through.  The finished look of a wall and patio along with their durability and staying power can only add to the value of your home.

Studies show that families in homes that have patio space spend more time outside and less time on devices.  You can’t beat that!

We love our stone.

But don’t take our word for it; Here’s a few comments from our customers:

Stone from Jeffersonville Quarry Inc. is awesome to work with.”

“Easy to split, beautiful coloring, I use it when I can.”

Large free-standing flush front, (and back), winding wall. Perfect for family gatherings with its permanent extra seating.

“Ken, at Jeffersonville Quarry is knowledgable and friendly.  It’s a true family business where they go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy and understand their product.”

“Jeffersonville Quarry stone is tough like Vermont!”

“We installed a wall and patio for our daughters wedding.  We were so nervous to jump into such a large project so close to the big day, but Ken helped us pick exactly the right pieces.  This made it possible for our landscaper to get to work without delay.  Ken even gave us a couple of extra pieces when it looked like we might be running short!!  He runs his business like a business should be”

If you need more reasons to build a wall or patio check out this link:


Wrap around wall with a flush front and completely free standing. Used for plantings and trees to spruce up the front yard.


Large stone walkway.
This incredible walkway is using natural cut stone tightly packed together in such a way that makes it look like it has cut straight edges. But it’s not cut it’s just as it was when we removed it from the quarry.
Fire pit & Patio
This Patio and Fire pit combination is a true show stopper. The landscaper used very large flat stones set in irregular shapes leaving a massive fire pit opening right in the middle. Looking down from above its easy to see the artistry in it.
One stone patio
My son proudly displaying his one stone patio and flower bed creation. These large stone are gorgeous!
Wagon wall.
Wrapping flush front wall, free-standing with large cap stones, and border accents incorporated right into the wall. A stunning backdrop…


Whether your job is big or small you will often find the need for Cap Stones, Steps or Boulders…sometimes all three!  Let me explain what they are and why you might need them:


These types of stones are used on any natural stone wall.  It not only makes the wall look stunningly finished, but it also aids in stabilizing the wall itself.  Without a well place cap stone those winds, rain and other natural occurrences will eventually knock it down.  Now, if you’ve ever built your own wall you know the work that goes into it.  I bet you can imagine how disappointing it would be to see all of your hard work end up in a huge pile of rubble because you didn’t add the finishing touch.

Cap stones are thicker, flatter versions of the stone you plan to build your wall with.  The often come  in a wall stone pallet, but it really depends on how tall your wall is.  If it’s on the taller side you’ll need larger, thicker stones.


Steps come in all shapes and sizes.  They also come in many materials, but if you want a dramatic entrance, one that will stand the test of time your only choice is to use real stone.  Whether you have a landing step, 2 step, 4 step or 20 step entrance to your home we have the stone for you.  Maybe you’re thinking, “But I have wooden steps, I don’t want to rip them all up for stone!”  The good news is, you don’t have to.  We have several veneer options for you to choose from. You can even cut them yourself with a tile saw.  If that’s too much for you to handle then we would be glad to do it for you.  We custom cut!


Jeffersonville Quarry Inc. has boulders of many sizes.  Gigantic ones used for accents or for the kids to sit and play on or smaller ones more suitable for drainage, ditching, rip rap, erosion type applications.  All you have to do is tell us what size you need, we do the rest.

Flat slabs of stone are a totally different story however.  They are not as easy to find.  Luckily we do all of our own blasting,  and as time goes by we’re learning how to blast to produce more and more of these stones.  They truly are magnificent.  What would you do with a stone like this?  You would think it would be primarily for large industrial type installations, but they make a beautiful patio or eating area in your own backyard.  Plop it down, put a table and chairs on it, and you have something that is simply stunning that everyone will be green with envy over.


What is Jeffersonville Quarry Veneer?

Veneer is a specialized stone perfect for projects where you want the look of real stone, but not the heaviness of it.  There are many synthetic products out there that look like stone, but don’t be fooled into buying these cheap imitations.  Real stone is both affordable and just as easy as tile, (or those other products), to install.  And you can’t match the look of real stone.  Jeffersonville Veneer is as durable and easy to work with as it is pretty to look at.

Veneer Accents
Stone Veneer as an accent wall.

Veneer has many looks.  It can be designed to look like a stacked wall as in the  lower half of the picture above,  or laid flat like the upper half.  Very different looks, and it’s hard to decide which shows the beauty of the stone more.

We sell Veneer stone in a cubed pallet like the picture on the right or in a crate pictured below.  The difference being, the pallet would be for those of you whom like to do things themselves, because you have to cut your own pieces of stone to the desired length. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and does save you money. The crate is pre cut wedges of stone which is ready to install.


What’s the Right Veneer for the Job?

Ask yourself these questions:  What application am I using the veneer for?  Will it receive any foot traffic? Will I have help installing my dream plan? Do I prefer something flat and finished or do I prefer something with more depth? There are probably many more questions to ask, but I think you get the idea.  You’re going to look at this for the rest of your life most likely.  You better hope you love it!

Another way to look at it is if you love the stacked look then you’ll buy the pre cut stones or cut them yourselves in chunks of no more than a couple of inches deep.  This will make it easy to attach to the wall.  If you’d rather have flat and smooth you would buy veneer that is thin.    If you love the stacked wall look  with a few big boulders stuck in then that’s where you’ll need a good friend, and quick set.  We wouldn’t want anyone to have to hold a boulder up until it dries!  If all of this seems too complicated just call us, let us ask you a few questions and we’ll tell you which stone is right for you.



Jeffersonville Quarry stone face
We’ve just made a dent in the quarry in 10 years. It’s hard to imagine what 100 years will look like.


We blast several times throughout the summer to provide inventory for our flat stone business. Consequently there is a lot of “waste”.  Anything left over gets sifted out and put into large piles. State and local road crews find this pile useful.  Our stone has been tested and approved by the state, and is suitable for ditches, road repairs, erosion control and side work.

Jeffersonville Quarry Inc. is a full service permitted quarry.

Our quarry and surrounding grounds are roomy making it easy for large dump trucks, tandem trailers, and tractor trailers to move around.  We load fast and carefully as we appreciate all you hard working truck drivers.


Ken Gillilan can answer any of your questions in regards to anything quarry related.   Simply tell him your needs and he’ll make up a quote for you.  No job is too big or too small.  Call the number below or email info today to get on the list for 2017.


We’re not just about stone, we quarry maple syrup too! 

Jeffersonville Quarry inc. is located on a 5th generation dairy farm where my wife and son still milk cows.  In the spring when the quarry is yet to open, and the cows are waiting to calve we head into the sugar woods to do what many Vermonters do; collect and boil sap into delicious Maple Syrup.

About Vermont Maple syrup

Our award-winning maple syrup and maple cream is certified organic and vegan.  Our sugar woods consist of mostly sugar maples which lends a sweet, buttery flavor to our syrup.  It truly is delicious.  It’s available throughout the year, and we even sell it in bulk and for special occasions.

If you’d like to order

Maybe you weren’t even thinking about syrup while you were surfing the net for stone, but never-the-less you find yourself wanting it.  It’s destiny!  You can’t order from this page, but we have a site that you can order from right here:   And, don’t worry if you became distracted by syrup; There’s another link on the syrup site that will bring you right back to here.

If you have any questions you can use the contact form on this site or the one from Quarry Hill Farm to get in touch with me.



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